Mission, Vision, Fundamental Values


Each person's path to personal happiness lies in striving towards four universal virtues. The formula for happiness and well-being of an Armenian is also in being a good person. Even more so, having to take into account the objective economic and geopolitical reality imposed on us, not only must we be good, but also strive to be the best, the most prudent, the most courageous, the most self-restrained, the most just. The mission of Adekvad brotherhood is to promote and to foster through all appropriate means, the self-improvement of the Armenian, through the pursuit of four universal cardinal virtues.


For the foreseeable future, the vision of the Brotherhood is to create an institution that will unite the people of Armenia who share the views of the members of the Brotherhood and are willing to pursue the spread of the ideology of the Brotherhood.


In carrying out their mission, adekvads must adhere to the pillar of supreme value, that is, to preach the good through their own example, to pursue the spread of the ideas of Adekvad in a disciplined and consistent manner.


The main guarantee of realizing the mission of good life and good being of Armenians is education and ideological development, for which appropriate time should be allocated. Strategic efforts should be made to allocate that time. At least two generations must be able to live without the threats of physiological and physical security.


The most likely guarantee for us to buy that time is the nation-state. A state that is doomed to be a besieged fortress for economic, geopolitical and ideological reasons. It is necessary to build protective rings, build walls outside the castle that meet the relevant challenges, and to pursue an economic and social policy on the inside that is in line with the situation. The strategic goal is to build the infrastructure that will allow us to fight for 40 years, being under siege and managing multifaceted all round defense in diplomatic, economic, social, scientific and other fields.

The model of governing the state and the economy must, first of all, be able to provide efficient multilevel defense infrastructure, secondly, positive demographic dynamics, thirdly, proper education for its citizens, fourthly, reliable allied relations with the external entities with which our state has natural commonality of interests. These are the four main tactical priorities.


In order to achieve the above-mentioned tactical priorities, large-scale reforms need to be undertaken at the operational level.

Everyone in the besieged fortress, apart from being a citizen, is a soldier, regardless of gender or age. Everyone should know their place and what to do, both in passive defense (at work or in the educational institution) and in active defense (on the frontline or on the rear). The diplomatic corps, the armed forces, civil society, state institutions and the viable circles of the Diaspora must be institutionally prepared for decades of militant action.

Given the current demographic trends and global migration trends, it is necessary to pay special attention to information policy. At the same time, introduce legislative, tax, pension and ideological grounds that encourage childbirth. The average couple in today's Armenia cannot have only 1.3 children and hope that the state will compensate for the pension gap resulting from its natural resources. It is also necessary to support the creation of communities that will be voluntarily willing to set an example and restrain the destructive influence of postmodernism on their society. In this context, it is necessary to emphasize the unique role of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

It is necessary to introduce two main educational and general educational narratives, the first, to strive for four universal virtues: prudence, courage, temperance and justice, and the second, three civil principles: state, responsibility, counteraction. From an early age, citizens need to be disciplined, educated and developed, striving for the abovementioned narratives. For this purpose, it is necessary to use not only the educational institutions themselves, but also the whole set of cultural, sports and youth events. At the scientific level, special emphasis should be placed on covering history, particularly Armenian history, objectively and comprehensively.

Armenian historiography, with all its inglorious failures of the last 1600 years, must be the basis for the development of Armenian critical thought. It should be covered on the basis of objective, legal and historical examination, not only the dark prehistoric pages, but also the problematic episodes of the recent history of the Republic of Armenia, such as October 27, March 1, July 17 and April 23.

The pillar of the foreign policy doctrine should be the normalization and development of relations according to the compatibility of natural interests. Diplomatic efforts should be aimed primarily at areas where there is a basis for objective mutually beneficial cooperation. It is necessary to refrain from establishing relations not only with those who are openly hostile to us, but also with their supporters and sponsors. State interest must be at the core of foreign policy: clearly measurable and tangible, not ethereal, fictitious value system tales.

In order to implement the above-mentioned reforms and build infrastructure, it is necessary to unite and protect the entire national resource base, be it a natural resource, financial capital or a consumer market. It is necessary to introduce a progressive tax mechanism for individuals and a regressive mechanism for legal entities. The enlargement of institutions should be encouraged not only by tax incentives, but also by sponsorship, both against imports and exports. By replacing imports with local products, it is necessary to curb consumerism, encourage savings and capital investment. Tuition fees should be preferred over baptism and birthday party expenses, and self-employment investments should be preferred over the cost of a new phone or clothing. It is necessary to restore the luxury tax until the poverty rate drops to at least 10%. The state must control not only the destructive influence of those who conceal the complexities of their own inferiority, but also the exploitation of harmful habits. Profits in the alcohol, tobacco and the gaming industry markets must be fully controlled by the state.