About 20 Members of Adekvad Movement Arrested

About 20 Members of Adekvad Movement Arrested

Today, about 20 members of the Adekvad movement were arrested in front of the Anti-Terrorism and Extremism Unit of the General Department of Criminal Police of the RA Police for allegedly disobeying the instructions of the Commandant’s Office during a national emergency and allegedly violating the rules of social distancing.

However, the abovementioned reasoning does not correspond to the reality, as the members of the movement did not violate the rules of social distancing and did not resist or disobey the demands of the police. The Human Rights Office has sent a response team to the Central Police Department, where the detainees are being held. Arthur Danielyan has now left the department and is speaking to the Press.

Artur Danielyan, leader of the Adekvad movement, has been summoned to the Anti-Terrorism and Extremism Unit of the Criminal Police

Artur Danielyan, leader of the Adekvad movement, has been summoned to the Anti-Terrorism and Extremism Unit of the Criminal Police

On May 20 of this year, Artur Danielyan, leader of the Adekvad movement, was invited to the General Department of Criminal Police of the RA Police to give an explanation within the framework of a case still unknown to us.

The movement invites media representatives to Arthur Danielyan’s press conference, which will take place at the entrance of the building of the General Department of Criminal Police, after the end of interrogation.

The movement welcomes the efforts of the Criminal Police in the fight against terrorism and extremism and hopes that the case will not add to the list of criminal cases of political persecution.

The Movement reaffirms its eagerness to support all stakeholders in the fight against many extremist and terrorist crimes in the Republic of Armenia.

We are deeply saddened to learn that the terrorists, who have been involved in criminal activities in the past, have not been punished due to the negligence, inaction of the previous and current authorities that have often involved anti-state tendencies. The criminal circles, that are also proponents of the ruling power, that beat the lieutenant colonel of the RA Armed Forces, leaving the latter in a coma for 8 months, have not been punished. Foreign agents, led by the current Prime Minister, who overthrew the constitutional order and obstructed justice, have not been punished. Those responsible for the death of a journalist who died of a hunger strike while in custody have not been punished. The crimes of sexual minorities and people with other mental disorders are unpunished. The hooligan groups of foreign agents that attempted to kidnap an opposition activist were not punished. Representatives of groups spreading misinformation and hate-speech, financed by illegal entrepreneurship have not been punished.

The movement is ready to provide comprehensive assistance to law enforcement in the solving of these and many other serious crimes.

We hope that Artur Danielyan has been summoned to the Anti-Terrorism and Extremism Department of the General Department of Criminal Police to reveal such crimes.

Celebrating the May Triple Holiday in Syunik

Celebrating the May Triple Holiday in Syunik

The Turks and the British could not separate us from Artsakh, but the coronavirus managed to do so, albeit only temporarily. Today we celebrate our victories in Nagorno-Karabakh with war hero Ashot “the Yerkat” Minasyan.

We claim ownership of our victories and we are proud of them, because the victory in the Great Patriotic War is ours, as well as victory in Artsakh War is.

Vice-President of the National Assembly of RA Assaulted the Leader of the Adekvad Movement

Vice-President of the National Assembly of RA Assaulted the Leader of the Adekvad Movement

Today, at around 5:20 pm, while walking in Masthots Park on Aram Street, Yerevan, the leader of Adekvad movement Artur Danielyan was attacked by the Vice-President of the Naitonal Assembly of RA Alen Simonyan. The latter hit Danielyan in the face, breaking his nose. As a result, Artur Danielyan turned to self-defense. The fact that Alen Simonyan started the fight is confirmed in his own interview with “Azatutyun” radio station. Currently, Arthur Danielyan is in Erebuni Medical Center and has the status of a detainee.

1. We demand the release of the video footage of the incident. What took place was yet another provocation by the government. The ruling power was unable to provoke us through hooligans in Maralik and to prosecute us based on that, the ruling power was unable to provoke us through the criminal element, the ruling power was unable to provoke us through sending “fake Jesuses” to our head office, the ruling power was unable to provoke us through relentless swearing. Hence the ruling power turned to their heavy artillery – to the Deputy Speaker of the NA, who, after his effort to provoke failed, attacked and hit Artur Danielyan, who was demonstratively holding his hands behind his back. Currently this incident is being presented as an attack on a government official.

2. We condemn the fact that the Vice-Speaker, for two days in a row already, has been behaving in a manner befitting a hooligan. At the same time, we do not regret that the person who was committing hooliganism has received a worthy response, if you will, a punishment.

3. The full responsibility of the situation lies with the ruling power and, Alen Simonyan, in particular.

4. Alen Simonyan was the first to use physical force, which is recorded both in the videos and by the witnesses and in the interview given by Alen Simonyan himself to RFE / RL. Accordingly, Alen Simonyan is not a victim, he provoked a clash, and he is responsible for the consequences, including the consequences for his own health.

5. We condemn outrage  and permissiveness. Moreover, we reaffirm our intolerance of such behavior and state of affairs, and henceforth we will severely punish all such manifestations of trespassing on us.

6. In the Republic of Armenia, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly attacks the political opponents of the government. In broad daylight, in public, in front of many witnesses. This is the bastion of democracy which we live in.

Publish the video!

Nikol Pashinyan against the so-called “Guardians of the Revolution”

Nikol Pashinyan against the so-called “Guardians of the Revolution”

According to the “Armenian Times” tabloid, the Nairi Police Department is preparing materials based on the publication of a demand to apologize by a participant of the group of so-called “guardians of the revolution” of a citizen who cursed RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

This was preceded by a strong reaction from the foreign agency network in Armenia, which, in fact, was the basis for law enforcement to try to bring the young people to justice, who were simply trying to correct the atmosphere of irresponsibility in the country.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, who serves the agenda of foreign agents, personally referred to the case and condemned the youth, which was certainly expected, as it was Nikol Pashinyan who had been nurturing the same atmosphere of irresponsibility in Armenia for many years. At the same time, the same agents justified in every possible way the insidious attack of the “Restart” hooligan group on the leader of the “Veto” opposition movement.

By rejecting the image of an irresponsible person in principle, the “Adekvad” movement calls on the authorities to refrain from putting pressure on young people pursuing the just demands of our people. The movement expresses its support to all the citizens who are ready to contribute to the elimination of the atmosphere of irresponsibility and are ready to support even the so-called “guardians of the revolution”. The legal team of our movement is ready to defend the rights of young people in court if necessary.

The leadership of the movement will closely monitor the steps taken by the law enforcement agencies in this incident, considering this one of the watersheds that, by crossing, we will either develop to a state of dignified and just citizens, or a swamp that criminally pursues dignity and responsibility.

On the Declaration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia

On the Declaration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia has recently issued a statement in which it mentioned the name of the “Adekvad” movement.

The “Adekvad” movement considers this statement to be a blasphemous and irresponsible practice aimed at hurting our reputation and discrediting our activities. In fact, this tax-paying institution, instead of doing its job, is resorting to manipulation of information, as it has not taken any steps to verify the authenticity of the information published. Instead, the ministry preferred to add itself to Nikol Pashinyan’s list of personal slanderers. If this ministry utilizes this same working style in performing its core responsibilities, by spreading such misinformation from its official platform, one can conclude the catastrophic state of the social security sector in Armenia.

We look at this episode within the same context as all the previous slanderous episodes that tried to present us as terrorists in uniform, as a gang, as a unit threatening people on the street, and so on. As in all of these slanderous episodes, the government will fail yet again.

The “Adekvad” movement declares that no one from the movement has visited Gyumri, that the citizen is not a member of the movement and does not act on our behalf.

The “Adekvad” movement demands that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia issue a public denial within 24 hours and apologize to the “Adekvad” movement for mentioning our name in such a slanderous manner.

Don’t force us to use the same tools against you, because even in that case we will be much more effective than you.

Announcement on Developments in Artsakh

Announcement on Developments in Artsakh

Recently, the Armenian government decided to provide about 34 million drams to two non-governmental organizations to use this grant to organize oversight over elections in the Republic of Artsakh. The above-mentioned NGOs are part of a foreign agency network that has been destroying the foundations of the state and society in Armenia for years. We note that foreign financial institutions not only refuse to recognize the subjectivity of the Artsakh Republic, but also continue to use double standards and apply false equality to the activities of aggressor – Armenophobian Azerbaijan and the forces fighting for their physical security and existence – the Armed Forces of the Republic of Artsakh. The NGOs have been consistently appealing to both sides to maintain the ceasefire, while the Armenian side has never had any motivation to violate the ceasefire.

Moreover, by sponsoring the activities of the above-mentioned NGOs, the Government of the Republic of Armenia contributes to the penetration of the defensive forces of our besieged fortress, which is essential for foreign forces and serves the agenda of the destructive enemy for our states. Unable to overcome the walls of our castle from the outside, the enemy tries to destabilize the situation from the inside. The control of the electoral process itself provides an opportunity to acquire significant and sensitive intelligence data, which will most likely appear on the tables of the enemy’s relevant service very soon.

Initiatives to “control” electoral processes will be allegedly aimed at protecting the rights of vulnerable groups, increasing the transparency of state governance, and protecting the rights of minorities, while in reality, media manipulation perpetrated by these NGOs based on fraud will sow mutual hatred and envy. This has been the case in Armenia for decades, and this will happen in Artsakh if ​​these initiatives do not meet proper resistance.

Taking the abovementioned into account, we call on the Artsakh authorities and the representatives of the opposition forces not to allow their political disagreements to be a tool to divide our society. Attempts to infiltrate through foreign agents will be far more painful and destructive than any political or interpersonal conflict.

In the hybrid war declared on us, we continue to suffer defeats, as we are used to seeing the enemy only in the uniform of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, while the enemy has been living next to us for a long time and often has a last name ending in “yan”.

Based on the complex geopolitical balance and the fragile status quo, the main burden of which has been on the shoulders of the political-military leadership of Artsakh, we have always refrained from responding to the internal political developments in Artsakh. However, given such an impudent precedent of foreign penetration, we have to state that from now on the maintenance of this neutrality is tantamount to criminal inaction. Consequently, currently there is an urgency in the need to support our compatriots who, after decades of fighting in the trenches with the overt enemy, may be confused when confronted with the covert enemy…

And this is an issue that the “Adekvad” movement is committed to and will take the initiative in the near future.

Announcement: Time for Active Engagement

Announcement: Time for Active Engagement

“Adekvad” NGO announces a phase of active engagement, expressing its opposition to the REAL clients of yet another episode of the brutal failure of the constitutional order.

“Adekvad” NGO declares that Nikol Pashinyan is just the perpetrator of this sabotage leading to the loss of the statehood of Armenia, and the real levers are in the hands of the hidden owners of the foreign agency network.

Over the years, the EU Office has in fact sponsored the emergence of an economic, political, financial, psychological, social, legislative, personnel and now judicial crisis in Armenia. Thus, the EU contributes not to the strengthening of democratic values ​​in Armenia, but, on the contrary, to their devaluation.

The spontaneous action of the followers of “Adekvad” movement is taking place in front of the office of the delegation of the European Union to Armenia. Dozens of participants are protesting EU presence in Armenia with the following inscriptions: “Svitalsik” (“Svitalsky”), “Take your puppets back” (take back your puppets), “Armenia under occupation” etc.

To all those who are aware of the catastrophic consequences of this sabotage, the participants of the movement call upon to join us the EU office.

Հայտարարություն. դատարանների մուտքերը փակելու՝ Ն.Փաշինյանի հորդորի մասին

Հայտարարություն. դատարանների մուտքերը փակելու՝ Ն.Փաշինյանի հորդորի մասին

Սա պատերազմ է մեր պետականության դեմ։ Սահմանադրական կարգի տապալմամբ ուղեկցված իշխանության զավթումը` մեզ հասցրել է պետական ճգնաժամի հերթական փուլ։ Օտարերկրյա գործակալական ցանցի ուղղորդմամբ օրենսդիր և գործադիր իշխանությունները դուրս են բերվել դատական իշխանության դեմ։ Տեղի է ունենում սահմանադրական ինստիտուտների բացահայտ կազմաքանդում։

Օրինականությունը չի վերականգնվում անօրինական ճանապարհով։ Դուք դեռ չեք գիտակցում, բայց դատական իշխանության վերացումն անխուսափելիորեն հանգեցնելու է աղետալի հետևանքների, որոնք թակելու են հենց ձեր դռները։ Մեր` վաղվա պետականության կորստի մեղավորը հենց դուք եք՝ այս ապօրինի ակցիաների մասնակիցներդ։

Դուք չեք լինելու դատողը, դուք լինելու եք դատվողը, քանի որ վարչապետը դրդում է ձեզ դառնալ հանցագործ և հանցակից։ Վաղը դատարանի աշխատանքը խոչընդոտող ցանկացած քաղաքացու արարք պատժելի է ՀՀ քրեական օրենսգրքի 332-րդ հոդվածի 1-ին մասով, ինչի արդյունքում սահմանադրական կարգի վերականգնումից հետո դատապարտվելու եք մինչև 5 տարի ազատազրկման։ Նիկոլ Փաշինյանի արարքը սահմանադրական կարգի տապալում է, որի համար նրան սպասում է ազատազրկում՝ 10-15 տարի ժամկետով։

Սա սադրանք է, որը նպատակ ունի հրահրել քաղաքացիական բախումներ, խորացնել հասարակական ատելությունը և պառակտել` պատերազմական վտանգի առջև կանգնած հանրությանը։ Այս իրավական ամենաթողության օրակարգի իրական պատվիրատուների ձեռքում Փաշինյանը խամաճիկ է, իսկ դուք՝ նրա գործիքը և վաղվա զոհերը։

Ադեկվադներ, մենք կանք։ Ու մենք չենք հանձնվելու։

Հետևեք մեր էջին և պատրաստ եղեք միանալ։

«Ադեկվադ» ՀԿ