Announcement: Time for Active Engagement

Announcement: Time for Active Engagement

“Adekvad” NGO announces a phase of active engagement, expressing its opposition to the REAL clients of yet another episode of the brutal failure of the constitutional order.

“Adekvad” NGO declares that Nikol Pashinyan is just the perpetrator of this sabotage leading to the loss of the statehood of Armenia, and the real levers are in the hands of the hidden owners of the foreign agency network.

Over the years, the EU Office has in fact sponsored the emergence of an economic, political, financial, psychological, social, legislative, personnel and now judicial crisis in Armenia. Thus, the EU contributes not to the strengthening of democratic values ​​in Armenia, but, on the contrary, to their devaluation.

The spontaneous action of the followers of “Adekvad” movement is taking place in front of the office of the delegation of the European Union to Armenia. Dozens of participants are protesting EU presence in Armenia with the following inscriptions: “Svitalsik” (“Svitalsky”), “Take your puppets back” (take back your puppets), “Armenia under occupation” etc.

To all those who are aware of the catastrophic consequences of this sabotage, the participants of the movement call upon to join us the EU office.

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