Announcement on Developments in Artsakh

Announcement on Developments in Artsakh

Recently, the Armenian government decided to provide about 34 million drams to two non-governmental organizations to use this grant to organize oversight over elections in the Republic of Artsakh. The above-mentioned NGOs are part of a foreign agency network that has been destroying the foundations of the state and society in Armenia for years. We note that foreign financial institutions not only refuse to recognize the subjectivity of the Artsakh Republic, but also continue to use double standards and apply false equality to the activities of aggressor – Armenophobian Azerbaijan and the forces fighting for their physical security and existence – the Armed Forces of the Republic of Artsakh. The NGOs have been consistently appealing to both sides to maintain the ceasefire, while the Armenian side has never had any motivation to violate the ceasefire.

Moreover, by sponsoring the activities of the above-mentioned NGOs, the Government of the Republic of Armenia contributes to the penetration of the defensive forces of our besieged fortress, which is essential for foreign forces and serves the agenda of the destructive enemy for our states. Unable to overcome the walls of our castle from the outside, the enemy tries to destabilize the situation from the inside. The control of the electoral process itself provides an opportunity to acquire significant and sensitive intelligence data, which will most likely appear on the tables of the enemy’s relevant service very soon.

Initiatives to “control” electoral processes will be allegedly aimed at protecting the rights of vulnerable groups, increasing the transparency of state governance, and protecting the rights of minorities, while in reality, media manipulation perpetrated by these NGOs based on fraud will sow mutual hatred and envy. This has been the case in Armenia for decades, and this will happen in Artsakh if ​​these initiatives do not meet proper resistance.

Taking the abovementioned into account, we call on the Artsakh authorities and the representatives of the opposition forces not to allow their political disagreements to be a tool to divide our society. Attempts to infiltrate through foreign agents will be far more painful and destructive than any political or interpersonal conflict.

In the hybrid war declared on us, we continue to suffer defeats, as we are used to seeing the enemy only in the uniform of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, while the enemy has been living next to us for a long time and often has a last name ending in “yan”.

Based on the complex geopolitical balance and the fragile status quo, the main burden of which has been on the shoulders of the political-military leadership of Artsakh, we have always refrained from responding to the internal political developments in Artsakh. However, given such an impudent precedent of foreign penetration, we have to state that from now on the maintenance of this neutrality is tantamount to criminal inaction. Consequently, currently there is an urgency in the need to support our compatriots who, after decades of fighting in the trenches with the overt enemy, may be confused when confronted with the covert enemy…

And this is an issue that the “Adekvad” movement is committed to and will take the initiative in the near future.

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